Governmental Affairs

2016 City of Clearlake Marijuana Ordinance (Adobe Acrobat File)
Adopted in February 2016. This is a summary of the ordinance. One should always check with the City of Clearlake for any recent developments or changes.

2017 Aquatic Plant Management Notice (Adobe Acrobat File)
Notice from County of Lake regarding spraying of herbicides.

Draft Cannabis Ordinance 12.06.16 - Powerpoint (Adobe Acrobat File)
Powerpoint overview of draft ordinance changes to be discussed at December 15th Planning Commission meeting.

Keep Your Home California (Adobe Acrobat File)
Radio program on Tuesday July 21st from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm on KPFZ, 88.1 FM or Four programs available to homeowners who are at risk of losing their home due to foreclosure. Counselors available after the show.

Letter from Dutcher to CDD (Adobe Acrobat File)
Proposed changes to Article 72 after October 2016 workshop.

Letter to Planning Commission (Adobe Acrobat File)
Recommendations from LCAOR to Planning Commission regarding proposed changes to Article 72.

Letter to Planning Commission November 2016 (Adobe Acrobat File)
Support of changes recommended by Bobby Dutcher.

Low Flow Low Flush (Adobe Acrobat File)
There are areas within Lake County that require low flow shower heads and low flush toilets per County Ordinance 2291. Homes in these area require certification prior to close of escrow. For further details contact Lake County Special Districts at 263-0119.

Medical Marijuana Ordinance 2978 (Adobe Acrobat File)
The County of Lake has established limits and restrictions on the cultivation of Medical Marijuana. There may be newer or more information on the County website at:

National Flood Insurance Program
Click on link to see amendments to the National Flood Insurance Program. Some home purchasers may be required to carry flood insurance when the building is located within a designated 100 year flood zone. The Water Resources Department provides the following information upon request: 1) confirmation of whether a property is in the Special Flood Hazard Area and additional flood insurance data. The Water Resources Department can be contacted at 263-2344.

National Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (Adobe Acrobat File)
Also known as Biggert-Waters 2012. This affects flood insurance rates and could affect current residents and buyers of properties. Contact the Department of Water Resources at 707-263-2344.

Proposed Changes to Article 72 (Adobe Acrobat File)
Proposal to change Article 72, the Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance. These changes are probably not to the most current and people should check with the County of Lake for the current status.

Tax Reform Call for Action (Adobe Acrobat File)
The National and California Association of Realtors (NAR and CAR) are requesting that voters in the County of Lake notify their US Representatives that the current Tax Reform proposal is threatening tax incentives for homeownership. Respond today and keep the mortgage interest deduction intact.

USDA to Meet with Board of Supervisors (Adobe Acrobat File)
Meeting is April 3 at the Board of Supervisors Chambers on Forbes St. in Lakeport.


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