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Open House Extravaganza Maps

All Homes on the Extravaganza (Adobe Acrobat File)
List of all homes on the Extravaganza, sorted by City.

City of Clearlake and Lower Lake (Adobe Acrobat File)
Clearlake and Lower Lake

Clear Lake Riviera (Adobe Acrobat File)
Homes in the Clear Lake Riviera

Clearlake Keys (Adobe Acrobat File)
The "Keys".

Cobb Loch Lomond and Mt Hannah (Adobe Acrobat File)
Cobb Mountain, Loch Lomond and Mt Hannah areas.

Greater Kelseville (Adobe Acrobat File)
Greater Kelseyville including near Soda Bay, near downtown and up the hill towards Cobb.

Hidden Valley Lake and Middletown (Adobe Acrobat File)
Hidden Valley Lake and Middletown.

Lakeport (Adobe Acrobat File)
City of Lakeport and surrounding area.

Soda Bay Buckingham Riviera Heights, West and Clear Lake Riviera (Adobe Acrobat File)

Witter Springs, Upper Lake and Lucerne (Adobe Acrobat File)
North side of the county.


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